CrossFit Games

2017 – 3rd Place CrossFit Games Central Regional - Nashville, TN
2017 – 27th Place CrossFit Games - Madison, WI

2016 – 2nd Place CrossFit Games Central Regional - Columbus, OH
2016 – 28th Place CrossFit Games - Carson, CA/Aromas, CA

2015 – 3rd Place CrossFit Games Central Regional - Minneapolis, MN
2015 – 11th Place CrossFit Games - Carson, CA

2014 – 6th Place CrossFit Games North Central Regional - Chicago, IL

2013 – 2nd Place CrossFit Games North Central Regional - Chicago, IL
2013 – 20th Place CrossFit Games - Carson, CA 

2012 – 2nd Place CrossFit Games North Central Regional - Chicago, IL
2012 – 12th Place CrossFit Games - Carson, CA

2011 – 1st Place CrossFit Games North Central Regional - Chicago, IL
2011 – 37th Place CrossFit Games Final - Carson, CA

2010 – 2nd Place CrossFit Games Rocky Mountain Regional - Castle Rock, CO
2010 – 14th Place CrossFit Game - Carson, CA

2009 – 5th Place CrossFit Games Rocky Mountain Regional - Denver, CO
2009 – 36th Place CrossFit Games - Aromas, CA

CrossFit Team Series

2016 – 1st Place Team CrossFit Team Series (S.Tovar, E. Bridgers, B. Smith, S. Panchik)

2015 – 1st Place Team CrossFit Team Series (S.Tovar, E. Bridgers, B. Smith, P. Tremblay) 

2014 – 1st Place Team CrossFit Team Series (S.Tovar, E. Bridgers, B. Smith, S. Panchik)

CrossFit Competitions

2017 – 1st Place Team WODAPALOOZA (S. Tovar, E. Bridgers, C. Cho) - Miami, FL

2016 – 2nd Place Team WODAPALOOZA (S. Tovar, L. Fisher, M. Vollmer) - Miami, FL

2015 – 5th Place Dubai Fitness Championships - Dubai, UAE
2015 – 4th Place Individual East Coast Championships - Boston, MA
2015 – 5th Place Team East Coast Championships (S. Tovar, E. Akinwale, R. Froning, C. Spealler)  - Boston, MA 
2015 – 2nd Place Team WODAPALOOZA (S. Tovar, M. Vollmer, J. Zambruno) - Miami, FL

2014 – 3rd Place Individual East Coast Championships - Boston, MA
2014 – 1st Place Team East Coast Championships (S. Tovar, E. Akinwale, R. Froning, C. Spealler) - Boston, MA
2014 – 4th PlaceGranite Games - St. Cloud, MN
2014 – 1st Place Crush Games - Sunrise, FL
2014 – 1st Place Battle in the Bluffs - Council Bluffs, IA

We’re all on a health and wellness journey. Let’s go farther together!

I’m here to help you have fun with fitness and make daily decisions that combine to ignite a healthy, wholehearted life.

The secret? Community, commitment, and a surefire plan. 

It’s simple, but not always easy. That’s why we need each other.

Whether I’m coaching at my beloved CrossFit Omaha, designing workouts for Go Far Fitness, or hosting an online Nutritional Lifestyle Challenge, my mantra is the same: In it together.

I want you to know that you’re not alone ... no matter your age, life stage, or health status. So if you’re searching for a coach and cheerleader or simply a shot of inspiration, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Keep reading to learn more about my life and career and how we can partner together.

Creator of the Nutritional Lifestyle

As much as I love fitness, I love food even more! Most of the magic happens in the kitchen. That’s why I’m committed to un-complicating nutrition.

  From grocery shopping to food prepping, the Nutritional Lifestyle is all about keeping it simple, staying mindful, and kicking perfection to the curb.

I’ve helped thousands around the world add color to their plates and their lives. When you’re ready to create sustainable habits and have some fun while you’re at it, jump on board my 30-Day Nutritional Lifestyle Challenge.

Founder of Go Far Fitness

Go Far Fitness is your one-stop-shop to further your physical and nutritional health, no matter where in the world you call home. 

Choose from four core fitness programs, available on-demand, with daily workouts, scaling options, and pro-tips from yours truly. 

Whether you’re a beginner, competitor, or coach, I created Go Far Fitness to help you become the best version of yourself. Learn more and join the Go Far Fitness family!

Owner of CrossFit Omaha

CrossFit Omaha is my home away from home! 

Dustin and I bought the gym in 2016, and it’s been the honor of our lives to continue building Omaha’s first CrossFit affiliate on the pillars of strength, tradition, and pride.

If you live in Omaha or are just passing through, we’re always open for fitness and would love to meet you. Check out CrossFit Omaha for more details.

Former CrossFit Games Competitor

I found CrossFit in 2008, thanks to my boyfriend (now husband). My first workout crushed me, but I was hooked. After eight CrossFit Games appearances, it’s safe to say this sport has completely changed my life! 

As a professional CrossFit athlete, I strived to compete at my highest level and have fun while doing it. More than a talented athlete, I was focused on being a positive force in the CrossFit community while leaving my mark on the movement that redefined strength and beauty.

Now retired from competition, I’m still cherishing the CrossFit lifestyle and committed to helping as many people as possible take pride and make strides in their efforts toward health and wellness. 

You can change if you want to! I’d love to help.

About Stacie Tovar: The Full Story

A country girl through and through, Stacie Tovar grew up on a farm in northeast Nebraska. Her hometown population: 700 people. Laboring long days alongside three siblings, Stacie (the second oldest) learned the power of hard work and patience. Ample time outdoors with little entertainment inevitably sparked some sibling rivalry -- who could run fastest, finish their chores first, or drive the tractor best. 

Farm life for Stacie also meant fending for herself in the kitchen and falling in love with wholesome foods. The closest fast food restaurant was 20 miles away, so she learned to forgo convenience and get creative with produce from the family farm and garden. During planting and harvest seasons, Stacie and her siblings often cooked dinner while mom and dad tended to the land. All these experiences planted seeds that would later serve Stacie as an individual and athlete.

Naturally athletic and fiercely competitive, Stacie would often beat the boys at her school in most activities. As a high schooler, she was a standout volleyball and track athlete. After receiving multiple scholarship offers, Stacie chose to play volleyball at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, graduating with honors four years later with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education.

One year after college in 2008 Stacie tried CrossFit for the first time -- after much convincing from her (persistent) boyfriend, Dustin Tovar. Her first workout was a doozy with deadlifts and box jumps. She scaled the weights and movements but still couldn’t finish. Still, somehow, Stacie was hooked, never one to give up too easily.

A mere one year later, Stacie qualified for the 2009 CrossFit Games. Surprised at first, she kept working and continued to qualify the following four years. Turns out, it wasn’t a fluke! In October 2013, Stacie’s competitive spark ignited, lighting the fire she needed to leave her corporate job and pursue her new passion: becoming a full-time CrossFit Games athlete. 

The next year, Stacie missed going to the Games by one spot. What could have crushed her confidence only made her more determined. After pushing through adversity, Stacie went on to make three additional Games appearances in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

In 2017, Stacie received a distinguished alumni award from her alma mater and went on to compete in her final CrossFit Games. After giving it her all in front of a sell-out crowd in Madison, Wisconsin, Stacie left her Reebok Nanos on the floor -- a gesture marking the end of her professional career. The fans erupted in a standing ovation in an unforgettable and emotional moment that will be forever etched in CrossFit history.

Now embracing the next chapter in her career, Stacie is focused on helping others as a coach, affiliate owner at CrossFit Omaha, and fitness and nutrition mentor through Go Far Fitness. While she still exudes a competitive CrossFit spirit, she’s training less these days so she can focus more on her family and business endeavors. 

Stacie is happily married to Dustin (the same guy who convinced her to try CrossFit). These lovebirds, business partners, and best friends have a son, Gavin, and 70-pound Doodle, Louden. True to her roots, Stacie loves staying active and spending time outdoors. A few of her favorite pastimes include sunbathing, grilling, and relaxing with friends and family at the pool or -- better yet -- the lake.

Stay connected with Coach Stacie on Instagram and Facebook.